Skiving machine A/15ES

The SKIVING MACHINE mod.A/15ES is a machine for the automatic skiving of the thermoplastic counters. Its high degree of electronic automation allows that the operator adjust the machine very fast and in full safety as the adjustments are made by touch-screen. The machine assures a complete autonomy of work thanks to its system of control. It is also equipped by a system of memorization dates for an easier filing recipes work. The machine takes the counters from a feeding table and effects a perfect skiving, knurling, stamping and counts them, too. After these operations the counters are laid down on a belt. The skiving is made through rollers previously prepared; these are joined to the machine by means of a simple expanding device. The rollers can be prepared by the COPYING MACHINE MOD.A/6. The loading table is in connection with the middle feeder in order to adjust the entry position of the counter with a single adjustment by handwheel The datas will be stored and filed with the name of the worked article and will be available for future processing. The silence, the safety, the energetic saving, the immediate start up phase, the possibility to find the skiving roller, the least waste of material to adjust the machine and the higher productivity, are the special features of this machine. The speed of the machine is reset in the touch screen. The machine is made according to CE instructions.


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