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Machinery for
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Strong concepts,
for over 40 years

Comec began researching automations more than forty years ago and hasn’t stopped.
It was 1981 when Vittorio Rizzi founded Comec, a company which from the very beginning stood out for its production of innovative machinery in the footwear industry.
Its first successes, already in the mid-Eighties, transformed Comec from an artisan enterprise into a small company and its development and constant growth over the decades saw expansion of
its production range towards the brick sector and complete lines for gypsum board formation.
Looking to the long term future, Comec offers its Italian and international clients a complete service that goes beyond the supply of a quality product and in particular offers complete support and consultancy.

Design, construct, improve

Thanks to over forty years of experience in the automation field, Comec controls the quality and supervision of the entire production process of the machines designed and manufactured by it. The team supporting management consists of operators, technical designers and highly specialist employees, who make the client’s needs the focus of the company’s mission, the heart that literally beats as the gears move in Comec machinery.
The possibility of customising every single design is Comec’s strength, which boasts important collaborations at national and international level, improving the production capacity of its clients who choose to rely on this precious Vicenza-based company.

our history

Inside each machine there is a beating heart made of essential components. Behind each machine lies a design. Before each project lies a concept. Comec’s concept, an idea in motion. The roots of our history lies in country-based civilization, when the scarcity of means was a very important creative source. The need to adjust and perfect was a continuous challenge that sharpened ingenuity and promoted intuition. The satisfaction of feeling a mechanism working properly began here. And it has not stopped: leading us to automate manual processes, speeding up and rationalising production in all the different sectors to which we have applied our knowledge. 

Design, construct, improve. Three actions that follow one another relentlessly, for forty years and that have brought Comec products all over the world.

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